Mulutku penuh dengan pujian kepadaMu ya Yesus Tuhan. Sepanjang hari Ku'bri penghormatan, kepadaMu ya Allahku dikutip dari Mazmur 71: 8. ( Welyar Kauntu ).


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Maranatha Record Indonesia is the pioneer of Christian music producer and distributor in Indonesia. We first started in a small garage own by a family friend of our founder.  Our company is built on a vision to serve the Lord through music ministry and to provide a quality Christian recording to the community, whereby it was a field that will never be touched by the secular music producer due to size of the Christian music segment and profitability reasons.

In less than 3 years we have moved to our first official headquarter in Gajah Mada area, a business district in Central Jakarta. In the year 2000, our old facilities could no longer accommodate our daily activities and we have to move to a bigger facility which is now our current headquarters and warehouse in Puri Sentra Niaga, West Jakarta, purposely built according to a music Production and Distribution Company needs.

In 1998, we started our first Pondok Pujian, retail store dedicated to sell  Christian Audio-Video product only, and in less than a decade, Pondok Pujian has grown to more than 60 outlets throughout Indonesia.